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Ok so before I go onto the forums, might as well ask here first 

looking for people to draw Souda and mikan from super dangan ronpa 2! I absolutely love this ship and have a blog for it, because of this I've basically seen all there is to see of it haha

You can draw basically any cute ship things it doesn't matter! Whatever ideas you have is fine, it doesn't have to be a detailed idea. But I added a lot of information just Incase anyone wants and so you don't have to look it up and find spoilers

Also like to add if needed you can draw them in casual clothes or in the schools uniform 


Mikan tsumiki- 
Offical ref… she has a beauty mark on her face people often forget……

School uniform-…

Kazuichi Souda
offical ref-……

School uniform-… he's not in the picture but just basic brown pants and blazer with a tie

information on the characters taken mostly from the wiki but Spoilers were taken out!

Souda is the super high school level mechanic.
Souda is a highly emotional character, though he tries to play it smooth. People tend to note his scary appearance does not match his compulsive and rather timid personality. Souda seems to be a very bad liar, leading him to be contradictory at times. Souda has a tendency to neglect his need for a verbal filter, and blurts things he thinks out.  Souda is normally trying to repair any broken items on the island with his ability and familiarity with mechanisms.  He is a very jumpy person, and tends to exaggerate his reactions. Souda is a pervert. He has a fear of dying on the island.

Tsumiki is the super highshool level nurse. She likes taking care of people.
Tsumiki is easily intimidated to the point of tears. She is nervous and constantly worries about bothering, boring, or offending others. She is quick to conclude that she is disliked by those around her. She is willing to do almost anything to get people to like her even inappropriate or abusive things.  She is also clumsy.

They were both bullied when they were younger

 its also really cute because the ship name is dr pepper!

Here's the ship blog if you'd like some ideas

ok wow I don't think I've ever written that much concerning commissions lol

so if you are interested post your prices! Thank you <3


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